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Tak Iwasaki, residing in New York, is a singer, a profound improvisor, and a certified voice teacher from Somatic VoiceWork(TM)The LoVetri Method.

He was one of the 3 finalists of the MCG Jazz Vocal Competition-The Gentlemen Sing (2013) in Pittsburgh. Also being one of the winners of the JFA Jazz Vocal Competitions(2013) in New York. 


Tak has always been close with music.

Born in New York, Tak's first instrument he was given, was the violin at the age of 5. He enjoyed the violin much, but also was a trouble maker in the Classical world. From the get-go, he loved to "re-arrange" the melodies, which is a taboo in "Classical" music. Inspite of his troublesomeness, he scored a 98/100, in the 1983 Nassau County Music Competition, and was granted to play in the Rising-all-stars Orchestra of Nassau County.


Moving back to Japan in 94', he picked up many instruments, starting with the guitar, and onto drums and piano. His musical desires to sing, starts at the age of 21. His first passion led him mainly towards Soul, R&B and Gospel, but then a year later, he met "JAZZ". Struck by the freedom and extreme energy in jazz, Tak was immediately charmed by it. He dug much of the bebop era musicians, which had tremendous impact on his current vocal style. His vocal style is most influenced by these instrumentalist, such as Sonny Rollins, Oscar Peterson, Clifford Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Red Garland, Stan Getz, Freddie Hubbard, and so much more, on to modern day  jazz players.


Tak's past  works in Japan.

-Invited to perform at the Suigen-no-mori International Music  Festival(Jazz Devision).

-Featured artist in REM TV 26th episode.

-Lead singer and composer in Acapella group "The Breath".

-Toured 15 states with his band, performing over 40 shows.

-Invited to perform from the Mexico Embassy for Japan/Mexico's  120th Anniversary of Relations.


The end of 2009, Tak decided to move back to New York, where he currently resides. Performing in many of the venues in the city, Tak has worked with musicians such as, Pablo Menares(b), Lars Ekman(b), Nadav Lachish(b), Nori Naraoka(b), Paul Sikivie(b), Danny Weller(b),  Nitzan Gavrieli(p), Ben Paterson(p), Alex Clough(p), Seikai Ishizuka(p), Yago Vasquez(p), Satoshi Kataoka(g). 


Tak has had the privilege of learning with some notable musicians such as, Mke Holober(pf, Big Band Composition), Steve Wilson(as), Carolyn Leonhart(vo), Miles Okazaki(gt), Tommy Cambell(ds), Benny Benack(tp,vo), Mike Rodriguez(tp), Miles Griffith(vo), Wendy Parr(Speech Level Singing=SLS level5), Greg Enriquez(SLS lv5), Joe da Fonseca(SLS lv3, SomaticVoiceWork=SVW lv2), and Jeanie LoVetri the Founder of Somatic Voicework. In 2017 he graduated the City College of New York in Jazz Vocal performance.

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