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What are the lessons going to be like?

What I do will vary depending on what your goals will be.

I won't be going over all the scientific aspects of voice function for a singer that wants to sing better at karaoke. Nor will I not set a long term goal, for a singer thats preparing for a gig in a week.

The most regular voice lesson example will be constructed as the following.

- A brief warm up in relaxed pitch.

- Warm ups using lip trills/tongue trills/straw exercises/humming.

- Accessing head/chest registers.

- Relaxation of the voice, balance of the registers, and on to strengthening the voice.

- Working on songs.

- Applying the basic voice functions to songs.

- Working on short lines in songs for appropriate articulation, emotion, groove, and voice function.

- A verbal description of what to work on in short term and long.

For the beginning session, look here.


How often should I come to lessons?

This will vary on your goals, and also your financial situations.

My most demanded singers come every week, and others usually come every other week.  There are also singers that come in before their gigs/auditions for preparation. 

If you are serious and going to be practicing everyday, I would suggest coming every week. So that we can re-adjust the voice on its way. 


How are you going to coach me on songs?

Asside from the function of the voice, my first goal is, to have you sing as "honest" as possible. Specifically speaking, I will have you speak out a short line of the lyrics, in the same emotional way of that you would sing it. Then sing it again. Was that sang/spoken in the same emotional mood? What are those emotions you felt in it? If you were to hear that as an audience, will you share the emotion that you just delivered?

"What is it you feel at the bottom your heart, and is it what you just sang?"


Can I do a recording at your studio?

Yes. I usually set this as a goal for amateur singers. My studio has a pretty serious recording system. Equipments lists - here.

The finished recordings will be handed to you mixed/masterd for you to enjoy yourself, and also to let your friends hear you.

Muisc tracks will be either karaoke's found online, or bought online. I do have the equipment to make a full track with piano/guitar/drums/bass/synth and more, but this will be very pricy. I do not recommend it unless you are using it for auditions or demo related matters.

Here is a track all created in my studio.


How do I practice?

I will build a series of exercises aiming for specific goals that we agree on. I will inform you in what the exercises are intended for, and precautions when practicing on your own. Practicing with the recorded lessons are also recommeded at first. 

For improvisation practice look here.


What tunes should I transcribe for working on improvisation?

What ever YOU love, and feel you could listen to 24/7.

If you're not turned on by it, its probably not something you should transcribe. The important thing is to transcribe something that has emotional effect on "YOU". I can make a dozens of suggestions on transcribing material, but it is essential for it, having some kind of connection to your musical desires. DO NOT transcribe a solo, just because it is said to be a great solo. Although transcribing something above your musical understanding, can be useful, "IF" YOU FEEL INTEREST in that solo. Meaning, listening to a certain solo, you don't really know whats happening, but you are feeling a lift in emotion.


Have a question? 

I am open to any kind of questions regarding singing/teaching.

Technical/functional questions of the voice, are also very welcome. Feel free to ask here.

Learning music is a journey filled with joy



Happy as it is for me, the learning process in music, is an endless and joyful challenge.


The more I learn, the more I will notice there is to learn.

The more I gain, the more I will desire to gain.

The more I musically advance, the more joy I will feel in the music.


I still practice everyday, as much time I can put into it.

I will do so until the day I rest in peace.

Hoping to advance to a place where I wasn't yesterday.

Hoping to see something I hadn't seen yesterday.

I hope I can be of the very best help of your enjoying journey.  Best wishes, Tak Iwasaki ;)

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